TiltyWay Kit

A kit is in the works for the TiltyIMU which will allow anyone to build a small remote control or autonomous self-balancing robot without any programming or use of tools more advanced than a screwdriver. The kit will include nearly everything you need to build and experiment with a self-balancing device, with minimal setup, including:

  • A Tilty Duo
  • The Dual Motor Driveradd-on board
  • Two motors (with encoders)
  • Two wheels
  • A laser cut acrylic and metal chassis
  • A rechargeable battery

The TiltyWay will be great for anyone, from children on up to adults, thanks to its simplicity while still allowing extensive customization and expansion. It won't require any programming or soldering so it will be easy to assemble and get up and running, but it will still be customizeable enough to add your own sensors and software. I'm also looking into developing an Android app to allow remote control from your smartphone. And it can be a great tool for teaching physics or programming thanks to its simplicity and well documented design.

The video below shows the current prototype in action. It's not currently as fast or responsive as the final version will be, but is still extremely steady and more than capable of balancing itself.


Here's the original proof-of-concept TiltyWay with the original prototype Tilty Duo. At this point the entire setup was purely for testing, and was actually used for trying some more radical ideas for controlling a self-balancing scooter in small scale. It is functional and stable despite its very early stage of development. The final kit will be much more refined.