XBee Breakout

The XBee family of radios is commonly used in the hobbyist robotics world for long range wireless communication. They can be used to send serial data over distances as great as 15 miles (24 km) at the speeds used by the TiltyIMU controllers. This means you can wirelessly tune, monitor, control, or track any of the TiltyIMU boards from huge distances!

(An XBee USB breakout, sold separately, is needed to connect to USB on the computer end)


  • Use any of a wide variety of XBee modules, from WiFi to radio modules
  • Data rates ranging from 9.6 kbps to up to 3.5 mbps*
  • Ranges from 400 ft (120 m) to as much as 15 miles (24 km)*

*Dependant on XBee model and/or antenna