Servo Driver

The servo driver will be useful for applications where you need to control multiple servos or motor controllers. Capable of driving up to 12 additional servos, without using up any extra connections to the Tilty controller, the servo controller add-on greatly enhances the Tilty's control capability. And like the Dual Motor Driver, the servo driver boards will be capable of stacking to allow control of up to 48 individual servos, making this perfect for large scale walking or humanoid robots.

The servo driver also has the potential to act as a R/C receiver adapter, easily able to handle reading up to 12 standard R/C PWM channels from a standard hobby radio.


  • Drive up to 12 individual servos or motor controllers
  • Can stack multiple boards to allow for additional control
  • Uses an ATmega328 microcontroller (compatible with Arduino), and so can work independently of the TiltyIMU main boards
  • Servos can be set by speed, position, or acceleration (depends on the servo type and limits)

Current Servo Driver Function Block Diagram