Dual Motor Driver

The dual motor driver will allow you to control up to two motors with the TiltyIMU control boards. This is perfect for building a self-balancing robot or anything with a tank-style drive (where one motor drives each side). The motor driver boards are capable of stacking to allow a single Tilty control board to drive more than two motors, allowing you to build more complicated systems such as omni-drives or brushed-motor quadcopters.

The Dual Motor Driver also uses an ATmega328p microcontroller for intelligent control, independent of a master controller such as a Tilty control board. The motor driver is capable of acting as a fully indpendent Arduino board or as a slave to another microcontroller. The board is programmable just as an Arduino Uno via an Arduino ICSP header, the serial port, or by using a Tilty control board with special programming firmware. This means that the motor driver software need never be out of date, and that new features can always be added fairly simply.


  • Drive two independent motors with up 2 amps each peak (1 amp continuous), or one motor at up to 4 amps peak (2 amps continuous)
  • Encoder headers to allow sensing of rotation speed, direction, and distance on motors with compatible encoders
  • Can be stacked to allow for control of more than two motors at once
  • Uses an ATmega328p microcontroller (compatible with Arduino) for intelligent control
  • Motors can be set by power, speed, position*, or acceleration* (depending on encoder input)
  • User controllable status LED
  • User controllable serial, SPI, and I2C ports for using the motor driver as an independent Arduino or connecting to a master controller
  • Controllable via I2C and serial*
  • Uses the same small 1.5”x2” form factor as the TiltyIMU control boards

* Feature is planned, but not yet implemented in software