Lego NXT Motor Driver

This add-on board is curently under consideration, if there is enough interest I will make it. If you're interested, please tell me here. If there is enough interest in this board I may also develop a Lego sensor board to complete the Lego kit integration.

The Lego NXT Motor Driver board will allow you to connect the TiltyIMU control boards to a typical Lego NXT set. This allows you to take advantage of the Tilty's serious computing power and flexibility, while using the Lego's simple mechanical assembly, and Arduino's simple programming.


  • Connect the Tilty to a standard Lego NXT set using standard Lego connections
  • Drive up to 3 Lego NXT motors, with full encoder support
  • Motors can be set by speed, position, or acceleration

Current Lego NXT Motor Driver Function Block Diagram