The TiltyIMU family consists of two main versions of the circuit board and an optional add-on:

  • The Tilty Duofor directly controlling up to two axes of motion
  • The Tilty Quadfor directly controlling up to four axes of motion
  • The Tilty Omnifor the advanced user to expand the input and output capability of the Tilty Duo or Quad
Tilty Duo Quad V022Tilty Duo Quad V022 front

All three TiltyIMU control boards use an incredibly accurate MPU-6050 IMU in conjunction with a powerfulTeensy 3.0 microcontrollerto sense angle, acceleration, and rotational velocity in any dimension. And with add-on boards, you can add a whole host of other capabilities to the main board. And everything is even Arduino compatible, making custom software a possibility for any board with a microcontroller.