The Software

A large part of the beauty of the Tilty boards comes from the (eventual) complete lack of required programming. By using the cross-platform companion software, it's easy to get any of a number of different projects up and running in minutes without any programming knowledge. The Tilty companion software will even walk you through the necessary steps to get you set up. The software is currently in very early alpha stages but will be updated frequently once the hardware is all finalized and as new features are added.


  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Allows for easy setting, saving, and loading of variables used by the Tilty control board's default software
  • Capable of graphing the Tilty's variables so you can see how the system reacts to changes you've made
  • Will walk you through setup of such projects as self-balancing robots and quadcopters in the initial release, with future additions planned for other project types