The InvenSense™ MPU-6050 is a system-on-chip motion processor and the first of its kind. By combining both a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro sensor onto a single chip, they've eliminated the axis-alignment error that usually accumulates with multi-chip motion sensors. And with both a master and slave I2C bus, the MPU-6050 is capable of communicating with other I2C sensors to become a full 9-axis inertial measurement unit.


  • Digital output of 6 or 9 axis motion data in rotation matrix, quaternion, Euler angle, or raw sensor data
  • 3-Axis gyro sensor capable of measuring in ranges from ±250 to ±2000 deg/s
  • 3-axis accelerometer sensor capable of measuring ranges from ±2g to ±16g
  • DMP (Digital Motion Processing) engine which handles all of the motion sensing and calculation on-chip, freeing up the microcontroller to handle other tasks
  • Digital output temperature sensor
  • Programmable interrupt ports support free-fall detection, high-G detection, and zero-motion detection
  • Capable of 400 kHz I2C communication with the microcontroller, allowing 3-axis angle readings in <1/1000 of a second