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Can I use the Tilty Duo to drive an active gimbal camera stabilizer?

Yes! The sensor used by the Tilty boards is actually used in some camera stabilization systems already.

Does the TiltyIMU use Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)?

No, the TiltyIMU boards currently use bluetooth 2.0 and are limited to serial only over that connection. But they are perfectly suited to allow wireless to communication and control to a computer or Android Smartphone (though Android support is quite a ways away at the moment).

Though I have found some BLE chips that are pin compatible with the current TiltyIMU Bluetooth. I have yet to test them but they may soon be offered as an upgrade to the standard Bluetooth Module.

Can I use the the TiltyIMU sensors and other capabilities with another microcontroller?

Yes, since all of the Teensy’s pins are available to the Tilty controllers headers, you can access anything used by the Teensy externally simply by connecting to the appropriate headers.