After a longday of getting ready for shipping, the first batch of Kickstarter rewards are ready to be sent out later today (as it’s currently about 2 in the morning). For that reason I’m going to keep this post reasonably brief.

The first two reward levels for the Tilty Duo are all packed up and ready to ship, and there’s a new section to the website to help people get up and running with the TiltyIMU. Up in the top right you may see a “Getting Started” section; there you’ll find how to connect and test out a new TiltyIMU board, as well as some instructions on getting started programming the Teensy 3.0 microcontroller used by the TiltyIMU.

I also now have many of the parts to build a fleet of TiltyWays. Though they’re still waiting on a finalized dual motor driver, which I have no time to work on lately, before they’re ready to go for real.

That’s all I can think of for now. I may do another blog post tomorrow with some more detail on the state of things in general, but for now I need sleep….