Tilty Omni is ordered and R/C Receiver add-on(mostly)works!

So over today and yesterday, I managed to get quite a bit done and have some exciting news and stories. Of course the big news (which I spoiled in the post title) is that I ordered the first Tilty Omni prototypes! But (surprise!) I actually did that yesterday! I also ordered the revised (and hopefully fully functional this time) R/C Receiver Adapter add-on as well. Lastly for yesterday, I began talking to several PCB manufacturing companies and getting quotes for the Tilty Duo and Quad circuit boards in preparation for full-blown manufacturing. It's still and ongoing task, as I have yet to hear back from a couple companies, but I hope to have a sample final board very shortly!

Today was spent continuing manufacturing preparations, though it's exciting, the details are quite boring so I won't go into that. But I also spent much of the day working on the communication system used between the Tilty control boards and the add-ons. And I'm pleased to say that I've ironed out all of the bugs I've found so far! I actually have a Tilty Duo talking to an R/C Receiver Adapter and reading the R/C control values from a Spektrum Satellite receiver, and then sending back one of those values to the add-on as a value to drive a servo motor (as shown in the picture below). I'm actually extremely pleased with the results, as I now have the Tilty Duo and add-on talking to each other at 1.5x the speed I expected (though they can actually go a bit faster, I'm playing it safe) and so the latency between me moving the control stick on my R/C radio and the servo matching that movement is pretty much undetectable. At most it maxes out at 0.02 seconds, which is due to the nature of the servo signal and not anything the Tilty or add-on are doing.

So in amongst all of that info, the R/C Receiver Adapter add-on is actually mostly functional now! Despite my mistake in designing the first version that renders it incapable of reading a direct R/C PWM signal, it is perfectly capable of generating its own and receiving the signal values from a Spektrum Satellite receiver (which uses serial, and is actually preferrable as a receiver in my opinion). And now that it can talk to the Tilty control boards, it's another huge step towards being fully functional. In broad terms, it already does eveything it is supposed to (read an R/C signal, control servos/ESCs, and communicate with the Tilty controllers).

But I think that's enough information for now. I'm afraid I have a pretty busy day tomorrow, so I don't expect to get much done, but I should have another update sometime Thursday!