Tilty Duo and Quad prototypes are ordered!

The final prototypes are ordered! Barring any problems they will be the shipping versions of the Duo and Quad (with a few minor labeling changes to differ them from the prototypes). They should arrive within the next two weeks.

The new versions use one PCB for the Duo and Quad Tilty versions, without some parts being populated for the Duo version, making manufacture cheaper. There's a whole host of improvements on the new versions including:

  • Breadboard compatibility
  • Compatibility with stackable shields/add-on boards
  • Better sensor isolation from interference
  • Nearly 50% smaller PCB area (only 1.5" x 2", approximately the same area as three quarters)
  • Maintains Teensy 3.0's breadboard compatibility
  • Increased maximum input voltage
  • Increased sensing capability to Tilty Quad level
  • Bluetooth master capability
  • Increased I/O headers and they're now standard R/C PWM layout
  • Increased bluetooth speed capability
  • Bluetooth and power status LEDs
  • Board layoit optimized for cheap manufacture/assembly
  • Every pin on the Teensy 3.0 is available for use except AGND

The Eagle board file, and top and bottom board renders from the PCB manufacturer