The TiltyIMU as a whole is starting to come together

Check it out! A Tilty duo, with the Advanced IMU, R/C Receiver Adapter, and Dual Motor Driver add-on board all stacked up in one (and spread out in the bottom picture) ! This is the first time I've put stacked more than one add-on board at once, and I must say it's pretty exciting. Unfortunately it doesn't do much yet, as I'm still working on testing and programming the add-on boards, but so far the concept is perfectly sound.

That said, I tested more functionality of the Dual Motor Driver today, and things are looking very good for encoder support, and motor driving works beautifully on both outputs. I even have the Tilty controller board telling it what to do for speed, direction, and degrees of rotation. However I'm still a bit concerened that the add-on board's microcontroller may not be able to keep up with the speed of the encoder pulses, as one rotation of the motor is 1,336  pulses and the motor is rated for ~180 rotations/second. That comes out to almost 250,000 encoder pulses per second, and that is for only one motor and the motor driver add-on needs to handle two. All-in-all it requires some incredibly fast computing, which the microcontroller may not be fast enough to handle. However I already have a solution in mind that will allow me to cut the encoder pulse speed by powers of two (½, ¼, ⅛, etc...)

I also finally got to test the Advanced IMU add-on today and it works perfectly, as expected. With it, I was able to plug it in and immediately have altitude and compass sensing on a Tilty Duo. 

I also made some more minor revisions to various circuit boards, and did some other minor code testing, though nothing major worth writing about. 

Frome here I'm going to finish up the Tilty Omni and the R/C Receiver Adapter revision, so I can order them either tonight or first thing tomorrow.