The new Tilty Omni prototype is ordered!

Today I put in the order for the new Tilty Omni prototypes! I’m optimistic that these will be the only prototype revision as,compared to every other board I’ve designed so far, this one is extremely simple. It will have a grand total of two parts on it besides the headers used to mount the Teensy 3.0 and attach it to the Tilty Duo or Quad, and those to components are a pair of identical resistors. Compared to the previous version of the Tilty Omni, which was essentially a more complicated Tilty Duo, this is nothing. I should have these prototypes in 9-10 days, and can hopefully have the final version ordered within a couple days of that.

In addition to the Tilty Omni work I’ve been doing, much of my time over the past couple days has gone into improving the TiltyIMU Demo program. I have a very early version that’s gained a couple pretty neat new features already, that are a big jump towards gaining the necessary simplicity of the final program. Suffice it to say that I’ve found a way for the user to ever even see a line of code.

And lastly, I am still manufacturing Tilty Quads to fulfill my November Kickstarter rewards. I had to postpone for a couple days recently due to running out of a part, but today I finished another dozen so I am back on track for production.