Successfully Funded!

With the Kickstarter campaign finally over, I am extremely pleased to announce that I was successfully funded with a staggering $20,909 (418% of what I hoped to achieve)! I owe a huge thank you to all of my 203 backers, regardless of pledge level, you all helped me surpass my wildest expactations.

Tilty Duo Quad V022

But despite raising the money, my work continues unabated! I recently assembled two of the most recent Tilty Quad and one Tilty Duo prototype with the 1kB EEPROM (which of course is now officially out of date, as the final boards will use flash memory). But these prototypes are the first that have performed completely flawlessly (though largely thanks to software tweaking). Connecting one to the TiltyWay was as simple as plugging in three connectors: power and the two motor controller connectors. Check out the picture of it on the right.

And now on to my future plans… Now that I have been funded, I (sadly) have to wait about a week to get the money from Kickstarter. Once that happens though, I'll begin bulk ordering the parts necessary to assemble the Tilty Duo, Quad, and Omni. I'm hoping to finalize the Tilty Duo and Quad design with the next prototype, which I plan to order within the next couple of days. If they check out and perform as expected, I'll begin a more detailed look into manufacturing options, which I may do in-house at RIT's manufacturing facilities or outsource to another company. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, this will lead to the first Tilty Duos and Quads shipping out sometime in October.

Design of the Tilty Omni will also begin sometime in the next week or so, which shouldn't be too difficult as it will mostly involve changing the circuit board layout of the Tilty Duo.

I also hope to be ordering the first prototypes of the dual motor driver add-on within the next week or two. I just recently tested some of my ideas for it, and I'm pleased to say everything is coming together nicely for it.

And lastly, here's the results of the interest surveys. I really appreciate all of your responses and will work on everything in order of the voting results to bring the most wanted add-ons out first.