So what's going on?

Now that the Kickstarter is up and running, I am once again devoting my time to hardware and software design.

From a hardware standpoint:

  • The prototype Tilty Duo and Quad PCB's should arrive by tomorrow or Monday (July 1st) and be assembled and ready for testing within one business day
  • Begun part selection and functionality design for the dual motor driver
  • Ordered enough parts to fully populate two Tilty Quads (which use the most components), and have already received enough to assemble one Duo and one Quad
  • Ordered a set of sample motors that may be used for the TiltyWay kit

From a software standpoint:

  • Experimenting with ways of intelligently editing and downloading the default Tilty firmware, allowing you to actually reprogram the Tilty instead of just loading and saving settings into onboard memory. So far the code can successfully compile and download a simple program, but there are still issues to be worked out
  • Developed a fancy new launcher for the Tilty setup software that will allow for much easier expansion later
  • Began planning an overhaul of how the Tilty communicates with the computer software to streamline the process, making it much more time and memory efficient
  • Overhauling the Tilty setup software interface. The next version will look nothing like the screenshots I've published so far. It will have a vastly cleaner interface, which will only show relevant controls and data in nicely organized tabs and/or seperate windows

Overall, despite the inconvenience of having to wait for the prototype boards to be delivered, development is still going strong!