So much to do, so little time!

Sadly, I haven’t been able to get as much done the past couple of days as I’d like due to midterms and a minor family issue. Thankfully though, I’ll be done with the tests after tomorrow and the family thing is pretty much taken care of. But all of that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working!

As some of you have likely seen (unless you’re reading this in the far future…) I just recently started manufacturing production Tilty Duos and Quads (this Kickstarter update goes into more detail). As it’s all being done by hand right now, it’s a slow process, as each board has to get solder paste, populated with parts, actually soldered, and the tested. But so far production is going smoothly (if slowly).

But in addition to that, I have two new prototypes in: a revised Tilty Omni, and a new and improved R/C Receiver Adapter add-on.

The new Tilty Omni alters some design flaws from the initial prototype that rendered it non-functional. And though this one still an unusual quirk that makes it a bit finicky, it is functional. However due to the aforementioned workload of building Tilty Duos and Quads and schoolwork, I haven’t had much time to test it.

The new R/C adapter has all sorts of pretty upgrades (outlined here), and though I just got them today, I haven’t even had time to assemble one yet. However I hope to have one put together tomorrow and the new software for it this weekend.

And lastly, I have the USB Host shield that the TiltyIMU USB Host add-on is based off of the experiment with until I get my own add-on board functional. So hopefully I can have a Tilty Duo or Quad controlled with a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller soon.