Post-update update

So after my update to Kickstarter yesterday, I went on to do a full day's work of designing and programming. Most significantly, I tested a new method of reading R/C inputs from a receiver.

The original R/C adapter used an or-gate chip to send the six input channels to the two interrupt pins available on the microcontroller. It was fast and efficient, but required the extra chip and required that the input channels be connected in a certain way.

The new version does away with all of that, including the speed and efficiency. However(!), it does a far better job and is able to use any of the twelve connections on the board for either servo output or R/C input. This means that the R/C adapter can act as an up to 12 servo controller (with an external power source), or as a interpreter for up to 12 R/C inputs. Additionally, where each channel is plugged in is now irrelevant, as the board can determine which channel is which by the order in which it receives data. All-in-all it's a siginificant boost in capability, with only a slight sacrifice of software efficiency. Oh, and the software is directly compatible with standard Arduino boards, such as the Due and the Mega.

I also implemented a missing Arduino feature for the Teensy 3.0 microcontroller used by the Tilty control boards. The serialEvent() function that is called whenever serial data is received. This means that, instead of having to manually check at regular intervals for commands or data sent to the Tilty controllers, the incoming information can be sensed and handled immediately after it is received. But implementing this required modifying some of the Teensy's source code, which is buried deep in the Arduino program files. I've submitted it as a feature suggestion to the Teensy's creator though, so it may yet see inclusion in future standard releases.

And lastly, today I received word of a number of circuit board shipments. Specifically, the new Dual Motor Driver prototype, the first USB Host prototype, and (most excitingly) the first batch of Tilty Duo and Quad PCBs! The prototype boards should be here in a day or two of days, with the Duo and Quad circuit boards here within a week.