Possible major Tilty Omni overhaul


The original Tilty Omni design idea was to essentially build a Tilty Duo, and solder the Teensy microcontroller directly to the circuit board. This would allow access to the extra I/O on the bottom of the Teensy. However, that’s proven to be more difficult in practice than in theory. The design has been plagued with problems, the circuit board is much more complicated due to the extra I/O, and the sensor and pin connections are different from the Tilty Duo and Quad making it require different code. I give an optimistic estimate that I could have production versions by mid-December.

A revised idea would do away with all of these issues though. The revision would essentially make the Tilty Omni an upgrade add-on to the Duo and Quad. Essentially, the Teensy would be mounted to an add-on shield using headers and would plug into a Tilty Duo or Quad just like an add-on board. The extra I/O would still be available on the revised Tilty Omni add-on board, same as before. But since the revised Omni circuit board would have no sensors or other circuitry of its own, the design would be incredibly simple and could be done and finalized in comparatively little time. It would likely require no more than a couple of days to design, a week and a half to get a prototype, a day or two to test, and hopefully it would be done and ready to order. The worst case scenario would likely see me getting final production versions in late November to early December.

So a list of the new improvements:

  • Much simpler to design and test, I could have a finished product in a fraction of the time it would take to finish the old design.
  • It’s useable as an upgrade to any TiltyIMU controller. The revised design would act as an add-on shield to a Duo or Quad.
  • The revised design would also allow for the Tilty Omni to make use of the compass and altimeter on the Tilty Quad.

I ask that you please fill out this survey regarding my proposed revision. If enough people would rather I keep working on the old design, I will. But I think the new design would be a significant improvement.