Just a progress update

Over the past few days I've been keeping busy primarily writing software libraries, and fixing some existing librarie's incompatibilities with the Teensy 3.0 microcontroller. But I'm pleased to say that I now have fully functional libraries for all of the sensors used by the Tilty control boards, as well as a fully functional (though not yet finished) library to control the Tilty's bluetooth module.

I've also been experimenting with the sample motors I purchased for the TiltyWay, and I think they'll do quite nicely. The current ones I have are a little slow, but have far more torque than I need, so a simple gear change is in order. However the encoders on the motors are extremely impressive. With a resolution of 334 ticks per rotation, they are far more sensitive than is actually necessary but will allow for extremely fine control of the motors.

I've also started designing and building the first prototype of the final TiltyWay chassis. It will be ~7.5" wide by 3" deep by ~6" tall, and will ride on 3" diameter foam rubber wheels. The frame will be made from a combination of machined aluminum and laser cut acrylic plastic which will safely house all of the electronics in such a way as to keep the TiltyWay from potentially falling on and potentially damaging anything (because even though it balances extremely well, nothing's perfect).

CAD Render

And lastly for this update, the new Tilty Duo/Quad prototype circuit boards are designed with the new EEPROM chip (thank you Kickstarter for raising the money to fund that!) and a number of minor changes to ease manufacturing and quality of function. I'll be ordering them tomorrow, and should have them shortly before the Kickstarter campaign ends.