It’s been a good long while, but I’m still working!

I know it’s been far longer than it should’ve been since I posted an update here, but I can assure you things are still progressing! I’ve taken a new job in Texas where I’ve had to move and have just finally got set up again to continue fulfilling hardware orders (took far longer than I’d hoped/expected)...

I juast added an update to the website on how to install the software necessary for the Teensy to communicate with the TiltyIMU demo software.

There’s also been a new Tilty Omni prototype (it’s muchprettier than the previous one). It will almost definitely be the final version as it’s pretty much ready to go!

And lastly, the Dual Motor Driver is nearing completion. The hardware is finalized and is awaiting production orders, and the software is coming along nicely with some really neat features and methods of control.