First Tilty Omni Prototype Is In!

Along with a new R/c Receiver Adapter prototype! As you can see, they're not fully assembled, but they are bother completely assembled from a functionality standpoint. Both boards are pretty well tested from a hardware standpoint now, and both have presented changes that need to be made before they're ready for production. But the necessary changes are pretty minimal, and won't much affect the boards in any obvious sense.

Today was mostly hardware assembly and testing (to be certain that nothing would be fried when the boards were powered), so most functionality related to software (such as actually interpreting R/C input signals and reading the IMU sensor) remain untested. But I should begin that within the next day or two.

On a mostly unrelated note, I now have all of the parts for the USB Host add-on and am only waiting on the circuit board prototype, and the same applies ofr the next revision of the dual motor driver. I hope to have both prototypes within a week.