Big Update Today!

The new prototypes are in, and the first official Tilty Quad is (mostly) assembled! All it's missing is some headers, but they will hopefully be here soon. You can see a comparison between the old and new prototypes below, old on the left and new on the right. (Sorry for the somewhat poor lighting, but I wanted to share the update as soon as possible)

New vs old

And here's a summary of how things are going as of today…

The IMU sensor itself has seen some software updates that have improved its reliability and accuracy when rotating side-to-side.

The new altimeter sensor works beautifully, giving readings for both altitude above sea level in meters and temperature in degrees C.

The battery voltage sensing is functional, and providing nice accurate feedback.

The new bluetooth hasn't been tested in master mode yet, but has performed exceptionally as a slave to the computer.

And lastly, software updates are coming along nicely, with a much cleaner, functional, and adaptable interface, as well as some nifty new features.

Right now, the only thing really not cooperating with my development is the compass sensor on the Tilty Quad. But I'm working on it and will hopefully have it working correctly within a day or two!