Big update coming soon!

But in the meantime, a little new info... I ordered a couple new prototype boards: an updated Dual Motor Driver and the first USB Host shield. The motor driver update fixes a few issues and adds a feature:

  • Fixes some issues I2C communication to the Tilty control boards
  • Adjusts the pinout of the motor connectors to better match the motor's own pinout and to make both sides compatible with a single connector
  • Added a status LED for status indication without a computer connection

The USB Host add-on should allow for some interesting applications and device connections with the Tilty control boards, but I'll have to experiment with it before I can elaborate on the description on the add-on board's page, and it will be a bit more than a week until I have the board myself.

I've also finalized the Tilty Duo and Quad circuit board. The new version allows for disabling the compass sensor on the Tilty Quad, so that the user can make use of the remote compass sensor on the Advanced IMU add-on, which can be positioned away from any magnetic noise and can give much better data.