Another new add-on board is in!

Today I received (but was sadly unable to assemble) the first prototype of the Dual Motor Driver add-on board. Though I hope to be able to assemble one this weekend, it may not happen as I don't have the proper tools for soldering the microcontroller that handles all of the motor control and communication with the Tilty's Teensy 3.0. However, just from looking at the boards I have to say I'm pleased. And like the R/C Receiver Adapter add-on, the Dual Motor Driver is independently programmable using Arduino. This means that the add-on board is capable of acting as a completely independent robot controller. But unlike the R/C Receiver Adapter, the motor driver board does not have any spare I/O pins except for the serial port, which can be used as digital I/O, interrupts, or for programming the board with the Arduino bootloader.

Today was also spent continuing work on the Tilty Omni.This first design is nearly finished now, and I plan on ordering the prototypes before the end of the weekend.

I also put the finishing touches on the Control System section of the Self-Balancing Scooter How-To page. It now covers both motor controller and microcontroller part selection in brief.

Unfortunately that's pretty much it for today so far. As a college student I do still have classes (though not many now) and today is a day that they got in the way. But I plan on working this weekend (as usual) to catch up.