Almost ready for production and USB Host add-on

So as I said in my lat post, I recently got some quotes for costs to manufacture the Tilty Duo and Quad circuit boards. Today I got a quote that I think will work for me, and I've put in an order for the final prototype boards. They'll be prototypes only because they'll still be ordered in small quantity though. In every other respect, they should match the final shipping product. But ordering just a few from this company first will let me check out their quality and be sure I want to order hundreds of these boards from them. However I haven't yet heard back confirmation of whether they received my order, so I may have to pursue that more tomorrow.

The final boards will match the Teensy 3.0 in color though, with a black board and white lettering. But other than the circuit boards, I currently have everything I need to fulfill the first batch of Duo and Quad orders!

Other work that got done today... The USB Host add-on is designed! I only started it this morning, but it's a remarkably simple circuit compared to some of the others I've designed. But it should allow the Tilty to use USB bluetooth, game console controllers, and possibly USB mass storage devices(such as thumb/flash drives). The USB host chip also adds 8 extra digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, which should be controllable by the user.