About Me

My name is Alex Beattie and I am the innovator behind the TiltyIMU project. I am a senior student of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology where I've tweaked my degree to help me specialize in robotics, which I've held an avid interest for since middle school when I began competing with Legos in FIRSTrobotics competitions. Since then I have competed in every level of FIRST robotics competition, battlebots, interned at a company designing multi-purpose mobile robotic arms, and designed many robots of my own for other purposes. I am familiar with programming microcontrollers (such as is used by the TiltyIMU) in C/C++, Arduino, and assembly. I have also been designing and building self-balancing robots (R/C, autonomous, and rideable) for nearly six years. I even have a video of my very first rideable self-balancing scooter hereand the more recent Tilty controlled version here.


I presented the prototype Tilty Duo at the 2013Imagine RITInnovation + Creativity Festival where it was a big hit!