Introduction to the Tilty Duo and Quad

Much of the TiltyIMU pinout is the same as that of the Teensy 3.0 it uses as a microcontroller, and all of the Teensy’s pins are available for use via the on-board headers. However, many of these connections are used by the features built into the TiltyIMU board and, though available for use, are best avoided when possible. The pins used by the TiltyIMU are labeled with colored text, though all pins have their funtionality labeled via the colored boxes.

An important noteWhile the Teensy 3.0 has proven to be 5v tolerant, despite being a 3.3v system, many of the peripherals on the TiltyIMU will not survive receiving 5v. These pins are labeled with a red dot, and connecting 5v to any of these will likely destroy at least part of the Tilty controller.

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Detailed information on the various sensors, memory, andbluetoothon the Tilty Duo and Quad: