Introducing the TiltyIMU line of controller boards!

The TiltyIMU is a series of open-source Arduino compatible microcontroller boards designed for robotics use. Each version of the board is tailored (but far from limited to) a range of applications. They all feature a massively powerful Teensy 3.0 microcontrollerand a highly accurate 6-DOF MPU-6050inertial measurement unit (IMU). One variant also includes a 3-axis compass and an altimeter for use in aircraft.

The TiltyIMU boards will require no programming thanks to some simple companion softwarewhich will walk you through setting up the Tilty boards for a variety of different projects.

There is even a whole suite of add-on boards (known as shields), which allow you to expand the Tilty controller's functionality with a whole range of capabilities: from GPS sensing, to driving small motors, to interfacing with R/C receivers.

The TiltyIMU store is live! Check it out!

Here's a video of one of the prototype Tilty control boards being used to control a home-built Segway-style scooter.

Anyone who wants to see a certain product finished first, you can vote on what boards you are interested in hereto influence their development and production priority.